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Memphis Foam Recycling

587 Hernando Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38126
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Serving The Greater Midsouth


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We Pick Up And Recycle Your EPS

Expanded polystyrene has been used for more than 50 years in a variety of packaging applications. Popular for its ability to be easily molded, great insulating qualities, and its protective qualities, EPS or as it is commonly known, styrofoam, has become a significant source of waste for many manufacturers and distributors.

Until now there has not been an easy way for Midsouth manufacturers and distributors to cost-effectively dispose of their surplus or used EPS. Now you can have your material picked up on a scheduled or on-demand basis and recycled locally.

  • Foam Recycling retrieves and densifies your white, homogenous EPS and then supplies the material to nationwide manufacturers who are using this material in innovative ways.

  • We maintain EPS recycling facilities that can accommodate large quantities of your material on a long-term basis.


The EPS Recycling Process

1. We pick-up your EPS waste by the truckload either on a scheduled or on-demand basis. If needed we may also spot a trailer at your dock.

2.We take your material to our processing centers conveniently located throughout the Midsouth to clean, grind, and densify the EPS.

3.The recycled EPS is made available as raw material to manufacturers who are using it for home building material, air cargo pallets, packaging, and more.


4.Your company gets the assurance of implementing an ethical, environmentally sound solution to keep a large source of waste out of our nationís landfills.

We Supply Recycled EPS For Manufacturing

If your organization uses clean white recycled EPS, we can provide you with shipments in 40-42,000 LB loads.


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